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How will my Carlinville, IL home benefit from a smart thermostat?

smart thermostat for accuracy and efficiency in the home

Here’s why you need a smart thermostat

Many people in the Carlinville, IL area still use an analog thermostat to control the temperature in their homes. While these are still functional, they’re very outdated and could be costing you more than you think. While there may be some resistance to install a new thermostat, you should really put some thought into a smart thermostat. We know that technology is scary, but we assure you, it’s a decision that you’ll be glad you made. Read more below about the benefits of switching to a smart thermostat and find out where you can get yours!



The first reason to think about installing a smart thermostat is the savings that you’ll see. First, a smart thermostat will learn your habits and your temperature needs as you go, meaning it will constantly adjust for the most efficient settings to satisfy your needs and save you a little money on your monthly energy bills.


Convenience of Smart Thermostats 

Another reason to switch to a smart thermostat is the convenience of it. Smart thermostats are wifi-enabled and you can control them from your smartphone from anywhere in the house or anywhere that receives wifi service.  They provide you ultimate control over your system for a more customized and comfortable atmosphere in your home.

smart thermostat for accuracy and efficiency in the home


Analog thermostats use outdated measuring tools that may make your system think it’s hotter or colder than it really is. Additionally, the components of the thermostat have had longer to wear down, rust, corrode and malfunction. A smart thermostat will be more accurate than an older thermostat, which could go a long way in saving you some money on your bills.

thermostat services


Some energy companies and HVAC companies offer rebates for the installation of a new smart thermostat. While it won’t make it free, there are ways that you can significantly reduce that amount that you’ll have to spend on the purchase of and installation of your new smart thermostat.

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