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Raymond, IL HVAC: Why does my unit smell like it’s burning?

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Here’s what may be causing that burning smell

Have you ever turned on your air conditioning system to notice a burning smell? When this happens, it can be unsettling, and honestly, it can be scary as well. However, fear not – this is a common problem that many people have. While there’s not just one cause for it, there are multiple well-known causes that can be solved by calling your local HVAC repair specialist. Read below for reasons that your system may smell burnt, and always remember to call a local professional if you have a problem that you can’t solve yourself!


Electrical Components

Heating and air conditioning systems function thanks to tiny little electrical components and sensors that make sure the unit reads the correct temperature, kicks on when it needs to, and stops when the correct temperature it reaches. However, like any other electrical component, they’re prone to shortages, outages and being affected by power problems in your home. When electricity surges, it could lead to an overloaded component, which could then lead to a burning smell. If you notice this, get I fixed right away as electrical components can cause a fire.

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Worn Belts

A worn belt is another problem that you may have with your HVAC system. While not all A/C units utilize this technology, many use a rubber belt that drivers parts of the system. When this belt wears out, you may notice a smell that’s like burning rubber. This is a relatively easy fix for a professional.

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Faulty Motor

The blower in your air conditioner or heating system is powered by a motor. From a worn out bearing to a lack of lubrication, there are quite a few things that could be wrong if you have a faulty motor. These types of problems may also be accompanied by strange sounds or other behaviors that are not normal for your system.

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Broken Capacitor

A capacitor ensures that the correct amount of voltage is delivered to you’re HVAC system. When capacitors fail, the wrong amount of voltage may be applied, causing parts and fuses to burn out, which could account for the burning smell.

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Clogged Air filter

Another common problem is a clogged air filter. When you have a clogged air filter, it will force the blower motor to work harder to distribute air through the home. When it gets too clogged, it can block airflow completely, causing the motor to overheat. This overheating is what will cause the burning smell, in this instance.

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Burning Dust

If you’re turning your heating system on for the first time and you notice a burning smell, relax, this is likely just the dust that’s accumulated on the burners that are burning off. It will only last a few minutes and won’t return until you fire your system up again, next year.

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