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    Central Air conditioners may all look the same, similar, but the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) vary extensively. The higher the SEER numbers are, the more money you will save spending on electricity for the system. A 14 SEER ac system (EPA’s current minimum standard) uses 23% less energy than the previous standard of 10 SEER. The minimum efficiency available is 14 SEER, but we currently offer a full array of air conditioners that offer energy efficiency up to 20 SEER. The higher SEER air conditioners can significantly reduce your electric bill depending on your family’s average usage. Our air conditioning company also offers several other air conditioners with advanced features such as variable fan speeds and 2-stage compressors. Not only will these options improve the overall comfort level of your home, but they can also provide extra savings on your utility bills.

    At Agers Heating & Cooling, we guarantee satisfaction with every client. Our air conditioning contractors always go above and beyond for our customers in Central Illinois. We offer the best products with the best warranties for your peace of mind. We also offer a 2-year workmanship warranty to ensure your complete satisfaction. We understand that you rely on your air conditioner during the warm weather months, and for this reason, we take a thorough, methodical approach to air conditioning service. When you work with us, you'll benefit from our:

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  • We understand that after years of working to cool your home or office, it's only natural that your cooling system will begin to break down. Don't take chances with your home or business, with Agers Heating, Cooling & Electrical readily available, we provide the air conditioning service you need. Our knowledgeable team offers ac installation, air conditioner repair, and air conditioning preventative service for any make or model. We recommend a regular maintenance program to keep your air conditioning system properly functioning and extend its life. Contact us for more information.

  • Air Conditioners Split Systems

    The most common type of central air conditioner found in the U.S. are split systems. Inside the house, is the evaporator coil cabinet, this is where the system removes moisture and heat from the air. Outside, a metal case contains the condenser coil, which releases the heat, and a compressor, which pumps refrigerant Freon between both coils. The indoor component is connected to your ductwork, and a blower circulates the cold air throughout the house. Because the system shares the ductwork with the heating system, usually it is the most economical to install.

  • Ductless Air Conditioners

    Ductless systems can be a good choice for rooms and mobile homes that do not have ductwork. Each indoor unit is installed in a separate room and cools that room only, much like a window air conditioner. These systems are easier to install and tend to run quieter than a central air conditioner.  Mini-split systems are more expensive than central air conditioning systems if you want to cool the entire house - roughly 30 percent more. However, since ductless split AC systems avoid cooling loss associated with ductwork, they are more efficient. A number of ductless mini-split AC units have the highest efficiency rating of any type of air conditioning system.

  • Packaged Central Air Conditioners

    Packaged central air conditioners usually are placed on a roof or a concrete slab near the foundation. The system encloses the compressor, condenser and evaporator all in one single unit. Ducts running through the roof or exterior wall pull return air from inside and returns cooled air back indoors. When combined with a furnace or a set of heating coils, it removes the need for a separate furnace located inside the dwelling. For small commercial buildings, this air conditioner is a great option. Packaged air conditioning units can be installed as rooftop units, wall or window mounted.

  • Air Handlers & Coils

    Air Handlers and coils offer easy installation designs that reduce costs and still allow easy maintenance access. Sizes range from 1.5 up to 20 tons depending on the square footage and additional functions needed. Exceptional application flexibility with horizontal, down-flow, and up-flow configurations, corrosion-resistant metal cabinets and drain pans combine for excellent durability. Fan coils with multi-speed features provide improved indoor comfort by slowly ramping up to your thermostat setting. This lessens the cold air blow waste often linked with single speed fan coils.  Also, the system considerably reduces noise during its operation cycles.