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Why should I switch from my analog thermostat in Hillsboro, IL

analog thermostat

Here’s why you should ditch that old analog thermostat

When you change the temperature at your home, do you press a button, touch a screen or turn a dial? If it’s one of the first two, you’re in good shape. But, if it’s the last one, what are you doing? The truth is, there are much better ways to keep track of and change the temperature in your home. They used analog thermostats in the 60s, and there’s a reason they don’t use them any longer. Still need some more convincing? Take a look at some of the best reasons that you should ditch that old thermostat for a new one that’s more with the times!

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Energy Efficiency

The most obvious benefit of a new thermostat is the energy savings. New thermostats are more accurate at identifying the temperature in your home, which help you get a better idea of what the temperature actually is and how much it needs to change. Additionally, new thermostats have automated controls that help you set the temperature based on your schedule.

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Ease of Use

Another benefit is that they’re so much easier to use. We’re not saying that pressing a button is easier than turning a dial, but sitting in a chair, rooms away from the thermostat, and changing the temperature via your smartphone is pretty easy. Smartphone and Wi-Fi connectivity gives you the power to change the temperature from the comfort of your own chair!

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Rebates & Special Offers

Another benefit of making the switch is that you could be eligible for special offers or even cash rebates, just for buying a new thermostat. Energy companies are making a push for people to conserve, and you may be able to take advantage of state or local programs that could subsidize some of your investment.

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Easier Temperature Control

As we alluded to before, it’s just all around easier to control the temperature of your home with a new thermostat. However, the physical act may actually be less challenging. It can be a guessing game to line the dial-up correctly and then judge for yourself what the temperature actually is. Or, you can just touch a few buttons and receive an easy-to-read digital representation.

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Increased Overall Comfort

So, with this new thermostat, you’ve improving energy efficiency and spending less money. You’re able to change the temperature quickly and accurately from any room in the home. And, you could be eligible to have some of your investment paid for whilst enjoying said energy-efficient comfort. That sounds like increased overall comfort to me – how about you?

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