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  • How will my Carlinville, IL home benefit from a smart thermostat?

    Here’s why you need a smart thermostat Many people in the Carlinville, IL area still use an analog thermostat to control the temperature in their homes. While these are still functional, they’re very outdated and could be costing you more than you think. While there may be some resistance to install a new thermostat, you should really put some thought into a smart thermostat. We know that [...]

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    Why should I switch from my analog thermostat in Hillsboro, IL

    Here’s why you should ditch that old analog thermostat When you change the temperature at your home, do you press a button, touch a screen or turn a dial? If it’s one of the first two, you’re in good shape. But, if it’s the last one, what are you doing? The truth is, there are much better ways to keep track of and change the temperature in your home. They used analog thermostats in the [...]

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