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How can I improve HVAC efficiency at my Litchfield, IL home?

improving your hvac system's efficiency

Having an efficient HVAC system in your home

Lack of an efficient HVAC system can be costly when it comes to payment of energy bills. If you have been struggling with utility bills due to the high cost of heating and cooling, these tips will help you improve HVAC efficiency in your Litchfield, IL home.

Replace the air filters regularly

Regular replacement of air filters is the most effective way to improve and maintain the energy efficiency of the HVAC system in your Litchfield, IL home. Dirty air filters block the airflow making the system less effective. For more efficiency, remove the filters once in a month and inspect the presence of any debris. If you can’t see the light passing through, then it’s time for a change. This way, you will never experience difficulties with HVAC in your home.

Use a programmable thermostat

Purchasing a programmable thermostat and using it correctly can be one of the easiest ways of improving HVAC efficiency in your Litchfield, IL home. Based on your schedules, a programmable thermostat will automatically schedule temperature changes and save you the agony of having to remember to change the settings every day. By having a programmable thermostat, it will automatically regulate the temperatures in your home, improve efficiency, and reduce your cost on utility bills.

cooling unit

Regular cleaning of the coils on your air conditioning system

Having clean coils on your AC unit is another way of improving the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system. While the outdoor unit fan pulls warm air in and over the coils, it also pulls some debris and dirt. Keeping the coils clean by clearing all the dirt particles and debris on the outside of the unit keeps your system running efficiently. Additionally, during the warmer months, remove all the foliage, sticks, and leaves and try to keep plants and trees at least two feet away from your HVAC comfort system to improve its performance.

Replace your HVAC equipment with high- efficiency equipment

An old HVAC system in your Litchfield, IL home could be the reason for the poor performance. Replacing it with a high-efficiency unit will help in improving the air conditioning and maximize energy savings. Through it might be costly upfront, over time, it will pay off big time in the energy savings.

Check your homes Register and ducts

Regular Vacuuming of the air pathways prevents dust and debris accumulation on the registers and ducts and allows sufficient airflow. To enhance the efficiency of your home’s HVAC, Check ducts and registers regularly and ensures there are no debris and dust particles. This allows the system to push air through the house efficiently and makes the whole system effective.

Improving the efficiency of your HVAC in your Litchfield, IL, home is the best way to keep the energy bills low. Implementing the above strategies will help in improving efficiency and reducing your costs on heating and cooling.

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