Raymond, IL HVAC: Why does my unit smell like it’s burning?

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Here’s what may be causing that burning smell Have you ever turned on your air conditioning system to notice a burning smell? When this happens, it can be unsettling, and honestly, it can be scary as well. However, fear not – this is a common problem that many people have. While there’s not just one […]

What does AFUE stand for? How does it relate to HVAC?

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Here’s what you should know about AFUE & HVAC As HVAC technology improves, so does the availability of heaters and air conditioners. Manufactured in countless different shapes and sizes, there are plenty of options out there from which to choose. But how you can you make a choice that’s right for both your home and […]

Choosing the right furnace: Tonnage & BTU

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Use these terms to help you pick out a proper furnace When shopping for a heating system, you will note that a new furnace label will refer to Btu’s, while air conditioners are sized by tons. Heating contractors determine the size of a heat pump or furnace you need based on the size and location […]

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