Here’s what homeowners should know about SEER & their HVAC systems

Professional heating contractors will help you choose a new heating system with the optimum SEER rating for your needs. The efficiency of a geothermal heating unit, home furnace, boiler, or heat pump depends on various factors including the system, ductwork and more. Although SEER is typically used to refer to air conditioning, which includes geothermal heating and heat pumps, it will be affected by the ductwork used by the current or new furnace.

Installing a new geothermal heating and air conditioning system or heat pump with an optimized SEER will lower the overall cost of operation, but many people don’t fully understand what this acronym stands for. SEER stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.”  What exactly does that mean?

The Meaning of SEER

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The seasonal energy efficient ratio essentially refers to the cost of operating a unit for a given season. The formula utilizes a percentage ratio when expressing how much savings to expect when upgrading a system. For instance, if your current system has a value of SEER 6 and is upgraded to one with a SEER 9, you should expect to see a 30% decrease in overall operating costs. The SEER rating is ranked at its optimum efficiency and may be affected by loss when transferred via non-insulated ductwork and other variables.

Age & SEER Rating

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Units older than 2005 will typically have SEER ratings below the national minimum of SEER 13, with some geographical exceptions. As units age, they lose their ability to cool as efficiently. It may be advisable to consider replacing older units, especially if you are considering replacing an aging heating system as well.

Choosing the Right System

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Homeowners rely on the advice of trusted heating contractors when choosing a new system. Their professionals can help identify which system is the most economical for your home. While it is generally recommended to choose a heat pump, geothermal heating unit, or air conditioning system with the highest efficiency rating, factors such as whether you plan to relocate, and the length of time the system is operated, will influence which SEER rating is best for your needs.

Trust a Local Professional

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Whether you choose to replace an existing air conditioning and heating system with a geothermal heating system or are looking for a new installation, you can rely on the professionals at Agers Heating and Cooling in Gillespie, IL to help you choose the system that will optimize your long-term savings. Call us today.

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