What to know about switching the heat to air conditioning in Litchfield, IL?

spring heating and air conditioning tips litchfield il

Here’s what to know about switching your heat to A/C It’s April in Litchfield, IL, which means that you’re probably experiencing a little bit of everything as far as the weather is concerned. One day it’s hot, one day it’s cold, one day it’s both – this leaves a lot of people to ask questions […]

What is SEER & how does it relate to your Gillespie, IL heating system?

heating contractor gillespie il

Here’s what homeowners should know about SEER & their HVAC systems Professional heating contractors will help you choose a new heating system with the optimum SEER rating for your needs. The efficiency of a geothermal heating unit, home furnace, boiler, or heat pump depends on various factors including the system, ductwork and more. Although SEER […]

Litchfield, IL HVAC: What are communicating/non-communicating HVAC systems?

hvac systems litchfield il

Know your HVAC systems before replacing them in Litchfield, IL When installing a new HVAC system in a Litchfield, IL home, you may be interested in purchasing a communicating system to replace a current non-communicating heating system. They can deliver the brand’s best warranty, optimized climate control, and higher efficiency. Let’s explore the pros and […]

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