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How to choose the best thermostat settings for energy efficiency in the Litchfield, IL area

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Choose thermostat settings wisely!

It can be difficult balancing comfort with cost. Whether you have a gas furnace or electric HVAC system, you want the heating and cooling system in your home to be energy efficient. Choosing the right thermostat for your home can help improve HVAC efficiency so you can save money on your heating and cooling costs. Below are several options for thermostats that our Montgomery County, IL heating and cooling experts can install for you to improve HVAC system efficiency.

 Manual Thermostats

Manual thermostats are the most common type of thermostats for HVAC systems. A manual thermostat requires you to move a needle up and down or use a button to change the temperature setting on the thermostat to adjust the temperature in your home. If you have the heat on, the furnace blows hot air into your home until the temperature inside your home reaches the setting on the thermostat. Likewise, if the air conditioner is on, it will blow cold air into your home until the temperature reaches the setting on the thermostat.

A manual thermostat is simple and easy to use. However, it does not offer the same energy efficiency as a programmable thermostat.

Programmable Thermostat

Many of the new homes being built are equipped with programmable thermostats. Also, many homeowners are opting to switch to programmable thermostats to increase the energy efficiency of their homes.

A programmable thermostat allows you to program the HVAC system with multiple temperature settings to save money on heating and cooling costs without sacrificing comfort. Most programmable thermostats have pre-programmed settings that are intended to give you the best savings without making your home too cold or too hot. However, you can adjust the settings to meet your family’s needs. The goal is to reduce the heating and cooling in your home when your family is not at home or at night when you are in bed.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats perform the same functions as a programmable thermostat, but smart thermostats offer other benefits that can help you increase HVAC efficiency. A smart thermostat “learns” from your behaviors and allows you to control the settings remotely, even when you are not at home. In addition, a smart thermostat can give you energy consumption rates in real-time to help you learn how to make your home more energy-efficient. Some units are even able to adjust the temperature themselves based on the current conditions in your home.

Which Thermostat Should I Choose?

It is up to you which thermostat you want to use in your home. Programmable thermostats and smart thermostats can help you improve HVAC system efficiency, but the choice is up to you.

The Montgomery County, IL heating and cooling experts at Agers Heating, Cooling & Electrical can go over the pros and cons of each type of thermostat to help you decide which unit is best for your family’s needs.

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