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Hillsboro, IL HVAC: Benefits & Dangers of Gas Comfort Systems

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Learn More about Gas-Powered Comfort Systems!

A gas heating system comes with many benefits, one being possible cost savings over electric-powered systems. Because of the nature of the fuel needed to power gas systems, though, they can also come with potential risks. Understanding how to care for your gas-powered comfort system helps you experience the most benefits while mitigating those risks.

The Benefits of a Gas Furnace

In many cases, gas heating is less expensive than an electric heat pump. Natural gas just costs less in most areas of the country, and a new furnace powered by natural gas is going to be highly efficient. They’re so efficient, in fact, that replacing old equipment with a new gas heating system can make you eligible for potential rebates from local power or gas companies because it’s better for the environment than less efficient heating methods.

The systems aren’t just more efficient. Gas furnaces actually create warmer air. An electrical heat pump delivers air that’s around 80 – 95 degrees Fahrenheit while a gas system can deliver air that’s 110 to 120 degrees. When you’re combating frigid outside air, the extra warmth makes a difference.

Clean burning natural fuel is also healthier for your family than some other heating sources, especially if you keep your boiler, furnace and other equipment maintained and clean.

Potential Dangers of a Gas Heating System

Obviously, gas fuel comes with some flammability risks, which is why professional heating contractors should install and maintain equipment. They know what to look for with regard to pressure risks and leaks to keep equipment running safely. If a gas leak does occur, you’ll likely smell it and should evacuate the home and call a service provider from an outside line immediately.

Carbon monoxide is also a concern with gas heating systems. CO is a byproduct of some gas heating systems, but it’s odorless. Low levels can cause health issues that feel a bit like the flu, and high levels can be lethal. Regular maintenance and replacement of old or broken parts reduces CO risks significantly, but you should install carbon monoxide detectors (similar to smoke detectors) in your home if you use gas heating and appliance products. The detectors sound an alarm if CO is detected.

Overall, the benefits of gas heating systems usually outweigh the dangers. By working with professional Hillsboro, IL, heating contractors, you can stay warm without worry.

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