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Learn Tips From The Professionals About Keeping Your Home Heated in Hillsboro Illinois

heating tips for your home in hillsboro illinois

Tips for Home Heating

During winter, people switch on their heating system and keeping your home warm usually accounts for an increase in energy consumption. Whereas having an energy-efficient system is essential, it also helps in a reduction in carbon gases emission. The following heating tips will help you scale down on energy use while still keeping warm during winter in Hillsboro, IL, at no extra cost.

Use blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are essential since they form an extra layer of insulating your home and keeping you warm. If there are any leakages or gaps on your windows, ensure they are sealed to prevent cold air from getting inside. It also helps in preventing condensation since most of the heat escapes through the curtains. It is also essential to always keep them closed to retain the warm air inside.

Using Timers

You can program your central heating system, such as the boiler to be switching on earlier. In this case, you can turn it on at least thirty minutes before waking up. It allows for constant heating so that it will switch off just before you finish using it and when the water temperature is still warm.


Optimize your insulation

Most of the heat escapes through the roof; therefore, you can install insulation on your loft or house in the roof. It might be expensive but will help in reducing the loss of energy and thus lowering your electricity bills. Also, cavity wall insulation saves energy.

Service your boiler

If you have an electric heater, it is essential to insulate the top and the sides. You can shield with a fiberglass roll or use a roll of paper to wrap around the water heater. Insulation ensures there is minimal heat loss. Ensure you have a weekly or monthly schedule of servicing your boiler. It ensures durability and efficiency.

Take care of your furnace

Check if your furnace is properly sealed to prevent air from escaping. You can seal the joints with a cover of duct mastic and a fiberglass mesh. Also, you can change the air filters in the furnace quite often since when they become dirty. It is crucial to seek the services of registered gas engineers for servicing.

Wrapping up

Lastly, you can add some touch of creativity in keeping your house warm during winter. For instance, wooden floors allow the heat to escape, and using a warm rag will ensure your floor stays warm and cozy. Also, after cooking, you can leave the oven door open, and this will add more heat to the house. For more tips about keeping your home heated during the winter, reach out to your local professionals at Agers Heating, Cooling & Electrical.

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