The same pollutants trapped in your air filter also stick to the walls of your ductwork. It’s not enough to simply change your air filters; sometimes, you need deep ductwork cleaning. If you’ve never performed an air duct cleaning yourself, learn the basic steps you need to take to get the job done.

DIY Air Duct Cleaning: 5 Steps

It is possible to clean air ducts yourself if you have the right tools and equipment. Learn the basics of cleaning ductwork before trying to do it yourself.

Step 1: Gather Equipment

The first thing you need to do is gather all the equipment you’ll need to clean your air ducts. Necessary items include a vacuum cleaner complete with an accessory hose and dust brush, a cordless drill, and microfiber cleaning cloth. Ideally, you should also have a rotary dryer vent brush cleaning system, which you can sometimes rent instead of purchasing.

Step 2: Access the Air Ducts

You will need to remove the vents, which may be on the floor, wall, and ceiling. Use the cordless drill to remove screws. Wash the vents with hot, soapy water to remove dust and debris prior to replacing them after you clean the ducts.

Step 3: Remove Shallow Debris

Attach the dryer vent brush to your drill and insert it in each duct to remove the dust and debris closest to the vent’s surface. Vacuum up any dislodged debris before continuing.

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Step 4: Remove Deep Debris

Attach the dust brush securely to your vacuum’s extension hose and insert it into the ductwork. Slowly move the extension throughout the duct to dislodge as much debris as possible. Vacuum up any debris that falls out.

Step 5: Remove Stubborn Dust and Debris

Repeat steps 3 and 4 for every duct opening in your home. Once complete, use a damp microfiber cloth to reach into the duct and gently wipe the interior clean. Replace each clean vent once finished.

For homes with complex or inaccessible ductwork, it might be best to hire a heating and cooling professional to complete a thorough duct cleaning.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Don’t have the time or desire to perform DIY duct cleaning? No problem! If you’re in the Staunton, IL area, contact Agers Heating Cooling & Electrical. We perform thorough air duct cleaning services on your schedule so you can breathe exceptionally clean air. Call us today to make an appointment!

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