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    Ager’s Heating, Cooling & Electrical has been performing dedicated expert HVAC repair & preventative maintenance throughout Macoupin and Montgomery Counties since 1991.  We deliver a prompt repair service any time of day, our expert technicians will have your situation handled in no time.  Our workmanship is backed by a 2 year labor warranty & we offer 100% guaranteed satisfaction to every type of our customer’s repairs.  We uphold the highest level of air conditioning repair, heating repair or electrical repair in the area.

    Signs When to Schedule a Repair Immediately

    • Air conditioner or Furnace is making a banging, squealing, popping, screeching, grinding or rattling noise.
    • Your system continuously runs or cycles every few minutes from on to off.
    • Your airflow through your vents is low.
    • Furnace or AC unit turns on but doesn’t blow warm or cold air
    • You smell something burning.
    • Utility bills are getting more expensive.
    • Some of your rooms are too cold, or are not warm enough.
    • Adjustments to your thermostat do not seem to make any difference in comfort.

    Should I Replace My Air Conditioner and/or My Furnace Now or Later?

    The top three situations when it might be best to replace your system before it stops working:

    1. When you are paying more in repairs than what the current system is worth.
    2. When your system becomes unsafe or has become so outdated to repair.
    3. When your system has had minimal maintenance over the years.  Usually these systems have half the life span of a maintained system, and are less inefficient and have a higher operating cost.

    HVAC Maintenance Program Benefits

    Just like anything else. HVAC systems need the proper amount of attention and care to performs at peak levels. With some simple routine maintenance procedures, you’re unit will always operate at its best. Ask us about a tune-up or bi-annual maintenance, and help your system achieve:

    • Improved Temperature Manipulation- Keeping your system maintained helps improve overall performance, and temperature control of both heating and cooling systems.
    •  Improved Efficiency- Well-maintained heating and cooling systems keep your house the optimum temperature, while cutting costs at the same time. Having your system serviced on a regular basis improves the efficiency of your system, which saves you money on bills! 
    • Improved Air Quality- With routine maintenance your systems will also help keep the air in your homes clean. We can clean the dust and dirt out of your system to keep your home a cleaner, and more allergen free place!
    • Longevity- Many repairs that have to be done are completely due to a lack of maintenance. A professional from us can provide a complete inspection and perform any repairs to get your unit working at optimum levels. We check all parts, connections, and lines to ensure that no part of your system gets left out, and no problems go unnoticed!