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Carlinville, IL HVAC: What are the different types of heating systems?

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Here are all the different types of home heating systems

The winters in Carlinville, IL can be unpredictable. From mild spells to weeks of frigid temperatures and snow, you have seen it all. When it’s time to replace your old furnace, it’s important to choose a heating system that can handle extreme conditions. But there is a myriad of types of heating systems to choose from now. How do you choose the right one for you? Here is a quick run-down of the different types of heating systems on the market.

Central Heating (Furnace)

A central heating system may also be known as a furnace. By far the most common system used in North America, central heating relies on a furnace connected to a duct system that carries warm air to different areas of the house. It is versatile, with the ability to run off of electricity, fuel oil, or natural gas. A thermostat is used to regulate the dispersion of heat.


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Found in many older buildings, a boiler heating system uses hot water to transport heat through a home. The water is heated in a central container and moved through the home using pipes, distributing heat through radiators. If used in the floor, this system of heat is also known as radiant floor heating. Oil and natural gas are used to fuel this kind of heat.

Heat Pump

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The heat pump is a highly efficient manner of heating that works just like your air conditioner, except it creates heat from the outside air (with the help of electricity) and pushes it through the home. There is a variety of heat pumps that use heat from underground as the source rather than the air; this is known as geothermal or geothermal heating and cooling.

Direct Heat/Radiant Heat

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Electric space heaters, wood/pellet stoves, and radiant heaters are included in this category since they provide heat to a home without using any kind of transport system. The fireplace can fit in here as well. While direct heat sources make good supplementary systems, they aren’t often used to heat the whole home (except in some rural areas of the country).

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